Higher Level Courses in University 

Question: Hello! I’m interested in pursuing my BSc at the University of Calgary. They recommend me to take Physics 30 and/or Math 31. I want to take Physics 30, but I’m scared they’ll automatically put me in a higher level course in my first year. What should I do?

Hello and thank you so much for your question!

Since we don’t have any first-hand experience with post-secondary education, we have contacted Ashley, one of our alumni-founders/creators of this site! She says to not worry about being placed in a higher level class because everyone in first year sciences follows the same structure of introductory coursess. Also, you get to choose and build your schedule. However, if you would like to pursue a specific course, you are more than welcome to, but it isn’t really necessary.

If you would like additional information that is more specific to your own aspirations and inquiries, I recommend seeing Ms. Geran!

I wish you the best of luck in your upcoming exams and pursuit of post-secondary education!


Summer School Troubles

Question: Why is summer school so opposed at this school?

Hey, this is Ashley. I’ll be taking your question today, and I’ll start off with my own.

Why do you want to go into summer school?

If your answer is to:
a) Learn the contents of a course beforehand in order to do better in the course in school
b) Take a necessary course due to a full schedule

Then I would say to go for it. Have that chat with Geran. Be successful!

However if your reason is so that you can get a SPARE, you are going to be disappointed. As quoted by Mr. Pichard, “FFCA High School is designed for in-class explicit instruction. Students have a higher rate of success when they take classes here, and develop excellent work habits and character by being in classes all day.” Even if you take summer school (like I did), you are still required to take a full load of courses (4 courses each semester) in the school year. Additionally, if you can’t change your schedule once you get back, you’re going to have to keep your courses, even the one you took over the summer.

So to answer your question, honestly, FFCA is just looking out for us and they want the best for us in terms of education. When I took summer school, it was to take Science 30, as I was pretty sure at that time that I was going to go into Psychology and that Science 30 would be my mark booster to get in. I had taken all 3 sciences at the 20 level, and hence I thought I was thoroughly prepared for the course. Lo and behold, I was apparently overly prepared for the course and due to my love for science, I finished with a 95. Not everyone is like me, though. Summer school is tough (you get a week’s worth of knowledge and homework every day!) and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are diligent and you have a good reason for being there. No need to waste your money if all you’re going to do is mess around.

All in all, just make sure you know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, just as you would anything in your life. Do things that will contribute to your success, and make it worthwhile. You have a limited time in high school, after all. Make it count while you still can.

Online Courses

Question: When taking an online course, does it replace your mark? What exactly happens?

Great question,

It is a very tough process to register for an online course. I recommend talking to Ms. Geran for more info. You can find her email below, additionally you could also go to the office and fill out a request form to meet with her depending on the urgency of your situation.


But from what I already know online courses consists of assignments you do over the computer, and depending on the course/instructor you may take tests at some location which will be specified. With online courses you have two options.Just take the online course.

1) If you choose this you need to make sure the school knows you are doing this. This has to be done so you can get the credit for the course.

2) If you take the in school course first and then the online course, the higher mark will count, so if you were to get an 80 in the regular course and a 90 in online course the 90 would replace the 80 on your transcript. But once again yo need to let the school know what you are doing.

Furthermore, if there are certain courses you want to take online so you have a free course slot next year, summer school would be a better option. But once again talk to the school just so they know what you are doing as well as so you can get the credits.

But once again for this it is best you talk to Ms. Geran just because she will be able to provide you with the most accurate information.

Hope this helped,


(Thank to Amandeep Kaler, who helped us answer this question).