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Ziyana K. – Site Contributor – Grade 12

As a devoted and proactive individual having passion and creativity as her constant companions, Ziyana is driven and respectfully opinionated as she commits in hard work and dedication to whatever task she may be focusing her efforts upon- consistently exceeding expectations. With a creative mind that uses logic and twists it to find unique solutions to problems, Ziyana expresses herself through acting, directing, singing, volunteering, public speaking, debating, and- most predominately- writing. She sees every day and every aspect of her life as an opportunity to better understand who she truly is, as a chance to learn new things, and as a moment worth treasuring. Ziyana seeks to incorporate her strong ethical standards- including honesty and responsibility for self- into all the things she does, which will lead her to change the world for the morally good in her own small way.

As a spirit who feels deeply blessed for her quality of life, Ziyana seeks to reinvest what she has in order to make her community a better place. She volunteers with the Calgary Public Library, Grow Calgary, the Calgary Food Bank, the Drop-In Centre, Inn From the Cold, the Ismaili Volunteer Corps, and volunteers within FFCA as well. Through school, Ziyana is proud to be involved and engaged; she is the Grade 11 Representative on Student Union, she is a Link Leader within Link Crew, she has attended and graduated from Empowering Minds Academy of Life-Long Learning, and she has been involved as an actor and singer in Drama, Musical Theatre, Advanced Acting, and Choir. She is excited to continue this year with Advanced Placement classes; last year she had many incredible experiences in these classes, including the opportunity through Science 10 Advanced Placement to be the only student to send a balloon and payload into outer space. Outside of school, Ziyana is involved in Debate, Speech Arts and Drama, and works as a part of the Calgary Ismaili Senior High Youth Club’s Executive Committee. She has published several poems and short stories, has directed, co-written, and acted in a drama performance designed to bring awareness to bullying, and has won many awards. These awards mainly highlight her academic excellence, one of which being a national-level award that brought her to a conference and awards ceremony in Toronto. She has designed and given life to several national initiatives to promote youth engagement and has attended diverse conferences promoting leadership, creativity, and life skills.

Despite all of this, Ziyana maintains that one of the things she is most proud to be a part of is the Let’s Talk, FFCA team. She believes that using her experience and knowledge to help others is one of the most important things that she could do, and she is honored for the opportunity to be a part of this team.

Daniel A. – Site Contributor – Grade 12

Daniel can be introverted or extroverted depending on how much sleep he got last night. He enjoys candlelit dinners and  long walks on the beach… as long as it’s free. Daniel likes to help others in many ways possible and is a very friendly person once you get to know him. Along with being involved with this legacy project, he is a part of the 2016-2017 link crew. Ever since Grade 9, he has been in drama, choir, the Musical, and One Act. He aims to continue doing so for the rest of his high school years. Besides the performing arts, Daniel’s hobbies are going through YouTube, watching animes and Korean dramas, and a bit of gaming on the side. He wouldn’t categorize himself as athletic but he joins the track and field team every school year. He plans on becoming an architect in the future but wants to keep his options open in case anything happens. After graduating, he intends to go to UBC for his post-secondary education. A wild Daniel can usually be found in his natural habitat (the halls); briskly speed-walking to his next class at the other side of the school. He can also be spotted through his exuberant cawing towards his musical family. Don’t worry, it is not his mating call.

Claire – Site Contributor – Grade 11

Claire is always approachable and ready to listen. She also enjoys being part of a community, such as tech or musical. Her passions include, video games, theater, zesty cheese Doritos, and coloured hair. She would love to become a psychologist or a voice actress, but any job in theater would suit her fine. In ten years Claire will have the most colourful hair on this earth. She has taken multiple after school programs: choir, musical, and tech to name them all.

Sam. L. – Site Contributor – Grade 12

Samantha (or preferably Sam) is a super hard-working student and is super outgoing with her friends. During her 2nd year of high school, she did Technical Theatre for both Musical and One Act and it was amazing experience that she had. She’s also done choir for 2 going onto 3 years, and drama for 1 going onto 2 years. She’s super into maths and sciences as she’s going into engineering in the future. Never hesitate to ask her any questions because she will always try best to answer them!

Faith B.  – Site Contributor – Grade 12

Faith is a pretty carefree person, she loves to spread positivity around and doesn’t believe in giving up so easily. Although academics in general are not her strongest point she strives to prove to herself that she can improve. Geez, have some faith in yourself! (haha…) She aspires to encourage the people around her and make them feel comfortable in whatever environment they are in. On her spare time she loves to sing, go on jogs, listens to K-Pop, and reads novels. Her favorite animals are turtles and sloths. To some it may be an odd combination, track and field (sports) and the performing arts but those are what make up most of her interests. Her curiosity in the performing arts started when she was able to join the musical Cinderella in grade 9, it opened her mind to a whole new world (a dazzling place she never knew) where she met amazing friends and discovered a new passion, she later joined choir and drama the following year. In all, with this wonderful legacy project she (along with many other hardworking peers) hopes to inspire and help fellow FFCA students that are in need of advice to the best of her ability.

Aaron S. – Site Contributor – Grade 12

Also known as “Spike”, Aaron is the Vice-President of School Impact and classifies himself as a detail-oriented bookworm that can count to ten in seven different languages. He is dedicated to his tasks at hand and constantly puts in double the effort that is required of him. Aaron often invests his time and effort back into the school community through clubs and extra-curriculars, and is willing to help someone out in any way he can. Aaron enjoys reading, biking, and often contemplates about life. He took AP in Grade 10 and is currently involved in Student Union, LINK, the Drama program, Bow View Manor, and has attended the Empowering Minds Program. He also volunteers in his community whenever he gets the chance. You often will find him around the school briskly walking to where he needs to be while simultaneously attempting to turn off the 60+ alarms he has unfortunately set on his phone.

Sydney S. – Site Contributor – Grade 11

Sydney is a quiet but kind person who is always ready to listen to you. She is very approachable and loves seeing people smile and helping others out. Sydney enjoys writing, reading, singing, and spending time with friends. She is in her second year of choir, and was in a drama and outdoor Ed in Grade 9. She also aims to participate in the musical this year. Sydney plans on becoming a teacher, however she is willing to consider other options.

Rehman T. – Site Contributor – Grade 12

Rehman is a person who appreciates the opportunity to use his experiences in order to positively impact others. Rehman enjoys swimming, reading, volunteering (meeting new people), and spending time with friends and family. He is in his fourth and final year at FFCA High School (that would be grade 12), and has taken part in Choir, AP (for Math, Science, and Language Arts), Track and Field, and the Drama Program. Rehman wishes to be a neurosurgeon, and currently plans to attend the University of Calgary after he graduates from FFCA High School. You can always find Rehman at his locker, frantically searching for homework that he “may” have lost.

Areeb Q. – Site Contributor – Grade 12

Areeb is too busy with homework to write a full description of himself (it would also take weeks for anyone to read!) He enjoys working with children, and has been a volunteer with the City of Calgary and the Calgary Public Library, having amassed over eight hundred hours of service between the two, starting at the age of 12. He is taking all three sciences throughout his Grade 12 career, as well as AP English (luckily not all in the same semester, as he was forced to in Grade 11). He has had the honor to attend the Empowering Minds leadership program in 2016, where he learned to go from being loud to really loud. This summer, he worked as a Summer Recreation Leader for the City of Calgary, volunteered for several Calgary Public Library events, and studied an unhealthy amount.  In his spare time, he enjoys Youtube videos, reading, biking, and spending time with his family. He is a LINK Leader and a Student Union Representative, and has assisted in several One Act shows, though never actually been part of a team. Perhaps this year will be different!

Areeb believes that every FFCA student should have the best high school experience. They should embrace every opportunity given to them to get the most out of their four years here!

You can find Areeb in school by looking up, though the odds are that you will hear him before you see him. Feel free to approach him with any questions you may have, and he will be happy to help out.

Nilave D. -Site Contributor -Grade  12

Even after completing the Empowering Minds Program, Nilave is one of the most restless people you will ever see in the high school. He’s been around long enough to know the ins and outs of what usually goes on around the high school. He’s a serial volunteer and trained martial artist, so he should have some degree of patience and wisdom. He’s been a part of the art and drama programs his entire high school life, an ex-link member, and been on sports teams as well. He’ll be able to offer advice on may different things, and generally seeks to help you above all else. He’s quirky, sarcastic, and sassy, but he gives whatever he can to whoever can benefit from it. If you do see him (you probably will), say hello; chances are he’ll say it back, or look back. Feel free t approach him with questions, he’ll make you laugh and help you the best he can.

Malika D. -Ex Site Contributor

Graduated in 2017

Malika is a well-rounded individual who aspires to be a global citizen. Fortunately she had the opportunity to travel to Mombasa, Kenya this summer on a development trip where she worked in an orphanage for a few weeks. She believes this experience has shaped who she is as an individual and currently is aspiring to keep the values of generosity and curiosity alive in her own life in Calgary.

She currently is on the Mayor’s Youth Council, Junior Edits for Youth Are Awesome, and spends her Saturdays teaching Grade Four students about the beauty of literature and history in relevance to culture and religion. Within FFCA she has served two years on Student Union, been a member of our Debate Team, Badminton Team, and has acted in One Act.

Malika’s future aspirations lie in Early Childhood Development and International Development. She dreams of being a teacher in the developing world, using education as a way to break the cycle of poverty and enhance the quality of life and education for children, adults and seniors living in under-privledge societies. Her goal is to not change the world but enhance it through sustainable development.

Ms. Evans

Ms. Evans has an undergraduate degree in Art from the University of Lethbridge, and a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Calgary, and has been working in the human services field for the last 12 years. Ms. Evans has worked with children, youth and families in various roles and has knowledge in several areas including: mental health, crisis intervention, domestic violence, child welfare, healthy relationships, and Calgary-based resources and referrals. Ms. Evans is passionate about social work and helping others make positive changes in their lives.

Ms. Geran

Ms. Geran is a career and education counselor with degrees in teaching and psychology, with 30 years of experience. She has been working at FFCA for 11 years helping students with the following: editing resumes, finding jobs, course selection (in high school, as well as university), scholarship applications, work experience, career management, and student finance.