Math problems?

I am a grade 10 student and was just wondering that if you take Math 10 AP and you get a 4 on it and you get credits for it in university but if you take a science major such as biology then, will the credits for that Math 10 AP count? Also, If you take Math 10 AP, then do you still need to take Math 20 in grade 11 or can you take Math 20 in summer school and take Math 30 in grade 11 so that you can take Math 31 or advanced classes in grade 12. Thank you so much!


Hello there,

I’ll just answer these as best I can in order.

  1. Generally the rule is that if you take a course you  earn the credits for that course granted you pass, those credits cannot be revoked for as far as I know. The credits system is designed to help you, and taking different courses will not in any way hurt your credits. taking Math10AP and Bio in high school will add to your credits and will help you in the long term if you apply for something in uni that requires you to have those 2 subjects under your belt. In short; all the credits you earn regardless of subject will count towards whatever you apply in uni, every credit counts.
  2. If you take Math 10AP, and pass, you’re clear for 20-1 for the following year, or you may chose to complete it in summer school. Now if you do complete 20-1 in summer school and wish to take 30-1, you will have to provide proof to Ms Geran and Ms Singh of your completion of 20-1 in summer school. However, keep in mind that it is not an absolute guarantee that you will get your way in this matter because Math 30-1 works differently than most courses in the high school. Unlike other 30-1 level subjects, math 30-1 is a prerequisite subject for math 31 (calculus) and generally the students who’ve applied for math 31 take it second semester and are required take math 30-1 in their first semester of grade 12. In your case if you are planning on taking math 31 in grade 11 I do not think it will be possible because you’d have two 30 level subjects on your grade 11 year, you would have only have a few spots left on schedule left for everything else that’s mandatory like leadership and ELA, alongside with what you want to apply with uni with. At the point it becomes a mess of a schedule. One more thing is that Ms Geran and Ms Singh have to approve of your choices, because they’re the ones who make the ultimate decision, and usually will know what’s best for you.

My Advice?

its great you’re looking forward but don’t get too ambitious, because 20 level subjects are meant to be taken by grade 11 students, and 30 level subjects are meant to be taken by grade 12 students. If its room on your schedule you’re worried about, you’ll have room for all three sciences, English, Social, Math, and Calculus in your grade 12 year if that’s what you choose of course.

if you seek more help or guidance on your issue or if my answer isn’t the full extent to which you’d like, there are slips in the office that you can book appointments with Ms Geran and Ms Singh with and they’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and direct you in the right way.

Thanks for asking,



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