Regarding AP courses

Question: Hi! I just wanted to ask that if you are coming to FFCA for the first time and you are a 10th grader and never had experience in FFCA before grade 10, and want to see if AP suits you or not, then can you take AP classes in the second semester of your 10th grade in order to see if AP would be best for you in future. Thanks!

Hello and thank you for contacting Let’s Talk, FFCA!

A quick note about AP classes, these classes cover everything that is covered in the regular course curriculum, with some additional information. For example, Science 10AP will complete the entire Science 10 course, with extra time devoted to some Grade 11 concepts. It is seriously important to note that any AP course is a huge time and effort commitment, one that can easily pull your grades down if you are not studying regularly and staying on top of course material. Take my word for it and do not take AP courses just because someone thinks it is better for you, only if you are genuinely interested in learning about a topic at a faster rate.

To address your question, I would like to provide you some information about AP in grade ten. To begin, AP Science is arguably the easiest of the AP courses to take in Grade 10, and provides some very helpful information about all of the 20 level sciences. AP Math is decidedly a bit more difficult, but contains concepts that are vital to Math 20 and beyond. AP English is a huge jump from regular English 10 (However, It is only offered in the first semester), and has proven to be arguably the most difficult AP course to be in. Contained in it is lots of reading, lots of work, but a huge knowledge payoff.

All the AP courses available in FFCA are Science 10AP, Math 10AP, English 10,20,30AP. Physics 20 and 30 AP, along with Chemistry 20 and 30 AP are offered depending on how many people sign up for them.

Grade ten is the best time to see what AP courses fit you the best. I am not entirely sure how new arrivals into FFCA make their course selections, but I would certainly recommend contacting our guidance councillor Ms. Geran. (, in order to get your AP classes in the second semester, if that is what you wish. This is not guaranteed, however – you may have to end up taking some AP courses in either semester.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

Thanks for reading, and I really hope you enjoy being at FFCA!



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