Option of Full Year ELA

Question: What happens if someone is in dash 2 LA? Do they have to take summer school or do an extra year in high school? Thanks

If you are taking -2 ELA, individuals are not required to do another year of high school, nor are they required to do summer school. At FFCA, you have the ability to take full year ELA (so ELA -2 in Semester 1, and then ELA -1 in Semester 2), as it can be beneficial for your learning.

I do acknowledge that there can be a stigma around the -2 stream, but by basing it off of what YOU feel is best, it will have the ability to provide some big rewards. The reason why individuals consider taking full year ELA is because it provides a continuity and consistency in your ELA skills, which is important to build upon to prepare for higher grades. The one drawback to having full year ELA is that you will lose an elective option the following year.

If you are considering taking ELA -2, I recommend starting a conversation with Ms.Geran, just so you are aware of what ELA -2 entails, and how it will affect your scheduling or timetable. And because course selection is coming within the next month or two, being as well educated and informed of your options can help you make the best decision.

Ultimately, your choices are:
1) Do ELA -2 in summer school
2) Do full year ELA during school (but lose an elective spot)
3) Do ELA -1, and don’t take -2 (but please consult with Ms.Geran on your options)

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