The Exam Flow

Question: Hi I’m in grade 9 and I was wondering how the exams work. My teachers have told me about it but I’m still confused.

Daniel: I can answer that for you!! Exams in high school can seem very confusing at first but once you experience them, they’re not as complicated as you think.

To start off, be in gala uniform (shoes included) to prevent any complexities at the office and with teachers.

Once you get the school grab the supplies you need like pencils, erasers, water, and so on. Few things to keep in mind:
– Have a clear pencil case or ziploc bag works too. Or it’s simpler to not have one.
– DO NOT BRING YOUR CELLPHONE. If it happens to be in your pocket as you walk in, just give it to them and they’ll return it once you’re done.
– Make sure to have your student ID with you because that is your KEY to getting into that exam room (a.k.a the north gym).
– If you lost it, a learners license or any form of government ID works too. If you really want your student ID, go to the office (preferably a couple of days before) and they’ll print you a paper copy for the price of $5.
– Have a transparent water bottle with no plastic labels so you’re not suspicious for cheating.
– If you’re using a calculator, leave the case/lid in your bag to prevent any complications of removing it later

Once you got all your stuff, head to the North Gym which is where everyone will be waiting. At 8:30, that’s when you’re expected to be there and teachers will start letting students in. Have your student ID ready so it’s just an easy walk-in.
– The tests are arranged in alphabetical answer by last name so follow the signs at the front rows to find your seat.
– The exams start at 9:00. Once everyone is settled, the teachers will begin talking about the guidelines and expectations.
– Pay close attention because they’ll soon be going over all that sticker and filling out information work which you probably did for your LA writing final.
– Before you start, they’ll announce the first exit time for those who finish early. – There will be more later at certain intervals, so if you finish after that first exit time, you won’t be stuck for the rest of the exam.
– Depending on the exam you’re writing, you’ll have 75 minutes (Math, LA, Science) or 80 minutes (Social) to finish your test. Students in ESL get additional time.

I’ve attached a link to the exam schedule to help with the times and knowing when they are.

Once you exit the gym, you are welcome to quietly stay in a teacher surpervised classroom or go hang with friends off campus. If you take the bus, buses leave at 12:15.

Hope this clears up the confusion and may you do well in your PATs!!!


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