Sociology 20 + 30

Question: I took sociology as an elective but I got 50’s in sociology 20 and 30 and I know that that is a pass according to the province but it isn’t for FFCA so does that give me the credits still?

Aaron: Hello! I will be answering your question today! As you already know, the mark that you have received in Sociology is not a pass, in terms of FFCA standards. HOWEVER, the good news is that, with Ms.Geran’s wisdom, anything above 50, in terms of Alberta standards is a PASS. So you will be receiving credits for your course in Sociology. Teachers should not have marks at the 48 or 49 mark, and should be rounded up, but to answer your question, you will be receiving the credits for your course of Sociology. Continue to be encouraged as this is only one of the many courses you have taken this year.

Best wishes,


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