Physics 20

Ahhhhhh! I’m freaking out about physics 20. I love physics but I’m not that good at it. I don’t know what to do. Help me!

Sunvy: Hi there, I totally get your frustration in this matter. To be honest, I love physics too and I really want to excel in it. I am currently not doing as well as I personally want to ,but you see, every one is unique and each person has their own take on what “not that good” is be it: provincially failing a course (getting below 50%), FFCA failing a course (getting below 60%), a number an individual strives to achieve (personally I strive for a 90% in physics because then my mom would take me to the best Pho restaurant in Calgary) or even failing in the the respect of not gaining any experience. I took AP English in grade 10 and I was so close to failing (my report card that year said I got a 60%, however, later it magically bumped up to 64% on my transcript, but that’s besides the point.) If you look at this from a numerical perspective, one may argue that I “didn’t do so well”. True, and I also still think I didn’t do so well but it was a tremendous opportunity that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I gained so many valuable lessons, not just in English, but real life applications as well.

So some things I suggest are: asking Ms. Sebring or your physics teacher for help, get a tutor, make learning fun, do your homework and get lots of sleep. Ms. Sebring is an awesome teacher and honestly, she does her very best and often steps out of her way to help her students. She loves each and every one of her students so much it is ridiculous. One time she even got us “physics socks” in order to motivate us to be successful. She would gladly help you if you are struggling. She honestly appreciates it when you come and find her to work through things that you need help with. One other thing that I would like to suggest is getting a tutor. They would be able to give you one on one help on physics. But I suggest going to Ms. Sebring first. She is literally always around. She stays after school all of the time.

Another thing I did this year to help me get better is that I had a competition with a fellow classmate. We made bets with each other in who would get the better mark before the term started and it looked something like this: Whoever got the lower grade on the report cards would pay the winner some money. This really helped motivate me as I wanted to win some extra cash and not pay someone else my own money. I’m a poor “university student” for Pete’s sake! I’m even in debt to myself. That’s how broke I am. So if you choose to do something like this to help motivate you do your best, I recommend that you bet against a friend or fellow student that you know will be a challenge in beating. Not necessarily the top student in the class, but one that would challenge you to work hard.

Another thing is that my opponent and I encouraged each other and called each other up a night if we were struggling on a problem We did not become mortal enemies at all. Make sure to still care for the person you are competing with.

One thing that I wish I could have done in order to be more successful is to actually do the homework and sleep more. I admit it, I do not do my homework and I really regret it so much. Don’t leave all your homework to do on the last night like I do. I literally feel so stressed out when I do that to myself. Also, make sure you get lots of sleep every night so you are able to concentrate in class, because I find that more often than not, most of the theory questions are super easy only if I had paid more attention during class. If I could take physics 20 and 30 again, I would definitely do the homework every night and get at least 8 hours of sleep. Oh and did I mention that I’m half cat? I need 10 hours to function properly so I should work on getting more sleep. I’m so sorry that this response is so very long, but I honestly want you to be able to do your best and if you have any other questions regarding anything I’ve said, please don’t hesitate to come and talk to me in person.

Ejaaz: A lot of people are generally afraid of physics because they think it involves a lot of math or they’ve heard rumours from seniors. But the best thing to do is go off your preference. If you LOVE physics, and the idea of it then I say go for it. Physics 20 (from what I remember) builds off what you learned in the physics portion of science 10. And from my personal recollection is hella fun.

And speaking to the mark portion, as long as you put in the work, do the homework daily, and read the notes, YOU WILL BE FINE. Physics is all about reading, under standing the concepts, and knowing how to apply the calculations. Just study daily and you should excel. And the teachers you could get (Seibring or Nayak) are awesome! They will work their best to make sure you succeed. If you have any questions they are always open and willing to help.

All in all you need to ask yourself this question, Do I want to go into a field that will involve physics? (Some possible fields are teacher engineer, physicist etc.) That question is vital when choosing courses especially when you make the transition from grade 10-11. If physics is something you love doing and want to pursue, by all means go for it, just make sure you:
1) Put in the work
2) Ask if you are having difficulty


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