Overcoming Shyness in High school

So, I’m a really shy person, how can I excel in high school? 

Arshnoor: In order to come out of the shell of shyness, you could take the drama course to open up more with your peers. Not only this, you could also join the empowering minds camp next year, which happens once in a year. After coming back from the camp ( which is about three days), you will feel more confident and being able to fully express your thoughts. I have seen many students who have attended that program become more open and participate in discussions. One thing for sure which I can say is that these skills are going to beneficial in your senior years in the high school!

Julianna: Expanding on what has been mentioned about empowering minds. It is a camp that 3 days long. In this camp you learn how to break out of your shell by doing a series of activities with people you may not necessarily know prior to the camp. In the camp you learn how to get uncomfortable and expand your personal comfort zone. I have been there as a student and I have been back 3 times as an on team volunteer. I can personally say with my own experience (as I used to be painfully shy) that this camp is VERY effective, not only for shy people but also those who are more out there and open! I suggest you look into signing up for this opportunity of a life time!

Iffy: Being a person who has been shy for almost all my life, it has been difficult for me to deal with school. But what I can say is that being shy doesn’t mean you can’t be successful. Something that has really helped me open up and feel more confident and comfortable was joining choir. The atmosphere is just so welcoming, and people will welcome you with open arms and help you to feel more comfortable with yourself and with the people around you because it has really impacted my life in such a positive way.

Making friends was something that I really struggled with in high school, but know that your not alone. Many people deal with shyness, but in the end it’s so worth it, to put yourself out their, to show people the kind of person you really are, and even if you don’t have many friends, a small group of close friends is what can really help you be successful in high school.


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