Leadership 25 and 35

Question: I was wondering what kind of things you learn in leadership 25 and 35 and what the course is like.

Arshnoor: The leadership program offered at our school during grade 11, prepares us to learn the different ways to function well as a team. Not only this, through numerous presentations, it builds public speaking skills, along maintaining proper communication in a team. Additionally, the students get a chance to do the aptitude tests, which signify which careers you will be successful in. That test acts as a way to open up the students’ minds to the many different career paths.

In grade 12, students have the opportunity to apply the concepts which he or she learned in grade 11. As well, in that year, students learn to take the charge on themselves, be independent, and act as team leaders. In the end of the course, students do a legacy project, either for the school or a selected grade. Throughout the process, students learn to how to create a win-win situation within his or her team.

Iffy: Well, you probably hear people saying how boring and useless leadership class is, but it is something that has really helped me with boosting my confidence, and contributing my ideas in class. The things we learn in leadership 25 are very game based which allows people to take on a leadership role and be able to guide people to what they need to do. Their are presentations that are also tied into leadership 25, talking about and learning from people who you consider to be good leaders.. In leadership, you always need to go back to the PALM model: trust, communication and collaboration, roles and responsibilities, focused action, accountability, and finally, results. If you don’t have one of these pieces, than you and your team won’t be successful, so anything you do has to fit with all of these pieces so that everyone is successful. There are also aptitude tests that you take to see what you’re good at and what kind of career you’d be successful in, and it will determine where your passions lie. It doesn’t fully determine what you will go into, but the base of where your passions lie, and sometimes people’s passions and likes shift, so this is not something that will officially determine what you should go into.

Leadership 35 is quite different from leadership 25. In leadership 35, you will still be doing activities, but you will also be put into groups that will be leading the class for 3 days, with your chair, co-chair, secretary, and co-secretary. The main focus of leadership 35 is focusing on your legacy projects, such as this one, which will either impact a certain grade/grades that you decide to choose, if that’s the route you take, or something that will have an impact on the whole school.

All in all, we are a character school, and being able to have a class that focuses on building character, and confidence will be beneficial for when you leave high school, and will make you a very successful leader.


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