Art in Grade 10 or Not

Question: I was wondering what the art elective was like. I took it in grade 9 but not sure if I wanna take it in grade 10? Is it worth it?

Good question.

I took art throughout high school, and its been a great experience because every year you get to learn new techniques, and try out different art forms. It also helps you to improve in your artistic abilities.

I guess it depends on three questions: Are you passionate about art, did you enjoy art 9, and are you planning on doing something in the arts after high school?

I believe that it is definitely worth it to take art 10, because you get to experience new art each and every year, and you get to try things that you have not tried before. Art 9 is getting into the basics of art , but when you go into art 10, you get to go way beyond the basics, and into something that is truly unique and magical.

So if you said yes to all three questions, than yes, it is so worth it. It will definitely open your eyes to the many new perspectives and ideas on the different art forms, and using different tools and techniques to make you and your art successful. Hopefully that helped to answer your question.




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