Choosing Classes for Grade 11

Question: Hi there I am in grade 10 and Idk what to take next year. I dont know what I want to do in Uni nor do i have any hobbies. I dont have many friends so i cant ask them. My parents are always working so i cant ask them. I dont have any siblings. I like to eat apples. I like feathers, there very soft and it calms me down when i touch them.Please help me out. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

Ejaaz: First of all, our hearts go out to you. My main piece of advice would be to have a long thought about what you want to go into. I have a few friends who were in an identical situation to you, and what really helped them were:

1) Talking to Ms.Geran- she has been doing this for many years now, and in my personal opinion is best suited to help you decide where it is you want to go. I would recommend setting up a meeting with her in which she will ask questions, that will then help you decide which path would be the best for you.

2) For grade 10, the main conflict is over which science(s) to take. From there, my best piece of advice is, to ask yourself, “do I want to be doing physics, and/or chemistry and/or biology for the rest of my life.” Based on these answers you can pick the science(s) that would be bet suited for you. And if you answer “no” to all, you still do need 1 science in order to graduate so I would personally recommend taking general sciences. (which, just like science 10, is a mix of all 3 sciences).
Just a warning, if you do so decide to take chemistry and get Mr.Dawe, be prepared for some puns, but they only happen periodically 🙂

Iffrah: When choosing courses, taking all 3 sciences is not the best way to go, especially when you don’t need all 3 sciences in the program you decide to go into. Electives are a great way of balancing your schedule so you have something that can destress you, and don’t choose an elective that you aren’t passionate or interested in.

Sunvy: You’re not the only one who’s had this problem. Lots of people don’t know what to do with their university life while they’re in high school, or even in University. What I would recommend is choosing classes that you are passionate about, and just go where it takes you, even sciences. Don’t restrict yourself. Try new things. A great idea would be to join a sports team/drama team. Not only will you make new friends but you will also meet people with similar interests. Even if theres a team that you don’t know much about, try it, who knows, you could end up with a new passion, and even a new idea of where you want to be in the future. The more you’re exposed to things, the more you know what you like.

Julianna: There’s a community that is built within our school: the drama community. You can head over to the drama room at lunch and people will welcome you with open arms! You can definitely get some advice from people in there, and you can also probably make a lot of friends that way! Additionally, through Leadership 25, you should be doing aptitude tests, which will let you know what you’re good at and what you’re interested in pursuing.

Arshnoor: Like Ejaaz said, you can also talk to Ms. Geran for career advice and planning. Ms. Geran is well-known, experienced, and very friendly to talk to. In fact, if you want, you can take a green slip from the main office to fill out your name to talk to Ms. Geran. When meeting Ms. Geran, she can guide you to take courses that will be beneficial for you in the upcoming years. In fact we all recommend that everyone does this at some point – especially in their Grade 12 year!

Ashley: I should mention that any opinions you get should not be what defines yours, as you are in charge of your own future, not somebody else. That said, take everyone’s opinions into consideration. As to address the issue with your parents, leave them a note or something, asking them to arrange a time to talk. Parents tend to be very impressed when you come out to ask to talk, and by booking in a time with them, you know for sure that this talk will happen and that they’ve made time for you. Oftentimes, parents know what they’re talking about, and hence you’ll eventually piece together a plan. Oh, and some advice for next year: You’re gonna need a lot of feathers 😉

Let’s Talk, FFCA



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