An Effective Legacy Project

Question: How do you see this being an effective legacy project?

Your question might not have met our criteria, but I’m a nice person. I’ll make an exception, partially because I’m a good person, and partially because I am intensely invested in this project.

When considering legacy projects, we wanted something that could influence the entire school.  This idea was something that I’d been working on since last year. The idea behind this was that we, as grade 12’s, have had so many experiences, and the one thing that we can give back to FFCA that would leave an impact, are our stories. Who better to answer questions like “What are classes like?” and “What’s it like being a part of a school sports team?” and such and so forth, than students who have had these experiences?

As for how effective it will be as a legacy to carry out, we have already arranged for students to take on the website for the following years. It will be a multi-grade group, which will allow for different students to share their experiences. When we leave, the plan is to add in another website, “Ask an Alumni” so that we can continue to spread our influence and stories.

Thanks for your question,


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