Online Courses

Question: When taking an online course, does it replace your mark? What exactly happens?

Great question,

It is a very tough process to register for an online course. I recommend talking to Ms. Geran for more info. You can find her email below, additionally you could also go to the office and fill out a request form to meet with her depending on the urgency of your situation.

But from what I already know online courses consists of assignments you do over the computer, and depending on the course/instructor you may take tests at some location which will be specified. With online courses you have two options.Just take the online course.

1) If you choose this you need to make sure the school knows you are doing this. This has to be done so you can get the credit for the course.

2) If you take the in school course first and then the online course, the higher mark will count, so if you were to get an 80 in the regular course and a 90 in online course the 90 would replace the 80 on your transcript. But once again yo need to let the school know what you are doing.

Furthermore, if there are certain courses you want to take online so you have a free course slot next year, summer school would be a better option. But once again talk to the school just so they know what you are doing as well as so you can get the credits.

But once again for this it is best you talk to Ms. Geran just because she will be able to provide you with the most accurate information.

Hope this helped,


(Thank to Amandeep Kaler, who helped us answer this question).


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